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Eco-Friendly Kids Cutters ~Eco-Cutter~

Besides hours of countless fun for your kids, what are the benefits of playing with play dough and our eco- cutters ?

🍃It develops fine motor skills
🍃It's calming for children
🍃It encourages creativity
🍃It enhances hand-eye coordination
🍃It improves social skills
🍃It supports literacy and numeracy
🍃It promotes playtime

In today's technology-driven world, kids are constantly drawn to the next gadget. Instead of letting your kids sit in front of the TV all day, give them play dough and cutters and encourage time spent disconnected. Play dough and our eco cutters helps kids slow down and focus on playing while using a number of senses and skills in the process.

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Our Eco-Dough is formulated with natural, non-toxic, and food-grade ingredients, creating a safe and sustainable playtime experience. Handmade to maximize sensory exploration, this product offers eco-friendly alternatives to traditional dough.

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Eco-Friendly Stamp

Our Eco-Stamp has really become a hit nowadays and I don’t blame the kiddies for liking this product…

🍃Stamp builds self confidence🍃
With stamps, your child will be able to develop creative skills such as inventiveness, fantasizing, thinking and imaginative. This will assist the child to deal with the world which they live in. In addition, the skills will assist in problem solving, understanding the world and getting on with others. Therefore, the stamp is essential for now and the future.

🍃Stamp promotes creativity🍃
One of the goals of early child hood education is to make your child to be more creative. Creativity brings out the personality of the child. When parents use the stamp, the creativity process involved in their children is very important to the developing child. Creativity also enables children to work through emotions and feelings. The finished piece of art work assists a child to talk about the feelings in a meaningful way. The answers and directions will also come from the child instead of being told what to do.

🍃Stamp teaches task analysis🍃
When adults are faced with projects which have several parts, they will either give up or break it down into smaller manageable sections. Parents must realize this learning process as very vital since it will enable the child to know a large part can be broken into smaller parts.

🍃Stamp promotes individual and group projects🍃
One of the tasks of child development is to assist the child to grow from egocentric individuals to young people who can work and cooperate with each other. In the stages of child development, there is what is called cooperative play. At this stage, children share ideas and works together so as to accomplish a project. This can only be assisted by using stamp.

Suitable for children 3+

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Blowing bubbles develops the small muscles in your child's mouth as they pucker their lips and blow bubbles. Strengthening these muscles is important for developing their ability to form clear sounds when speaking and to eat and swallow safely.

Bubble play is a beautiful, immersive way to nurture sensory learning and motor skills, while establishing hand preference, encouraging imagination and
language skills to describe the enchanted world they are creating.

Designed by us and tested by our little one’s hands, we now bring these to your family.

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Create fun, bite-sized sandwiches, snacks, and more with these easy-to-use food cutters designed to make every meal more exciting for young children.

When you’ve got a picky eater in the house it can be hard to get them to eat the sandwiches you send with them to school and the 🍃healthy veggies🍃 and snacks you make at home. That’s why we created a simple way to keep them more engaged and ready to eat all the tasty fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches you make for them every day.

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As a mom I noticed the struggle with my little boy trying to use paper straws, at a young age of 1.5 years old, all he wanted to do was drink out straws at one stage, however him being so young, didn't grasp the concept of not chewing the end until it couldn't be used anymore. I could see his frustration, so I came up with our Eco-Straws.

Our Eco-Friendly straws come in a pack of 4. 


🍃Standard - Diameter - 6.09mm

🍃Wide- Diameter - 8.15mm

🍃Smoothie - Diameter - 9.14mm

🍃Boba - Diameter - 12.19mm

They are non soggy and can be easily washed with warm water and soap.The design has a ribbed effect to ensure that those little hands can have a firm grasp on them.

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